28 June, 2008

A Good Day

I woke up at 4 this morning and tried to make myself go back to sleep but I kept thinking of the blogspots I wanted to look up and all of the work I wanted to get done today so I finally tried writing in my journal. That just got me thinking more. I decided that today I would get my studio in shape and get some work done on the big canvas. I did that, the studio is starting to look good. I took before pictures and I will take after pictures. I got a little work done on the big canvas but I want to do more.I intended to download photos so that I can upload them here. I still haven't done that.I also still can't add music to the blogspot.I decided that I need more room to hang things up,an art wall. One in my room and one more in the hall. I did start the one in the hall. I came up with a solution to all the post it notes in the art books and magazines. It's a pretty Little thing. I even managed to take photos of it and put them here. I also managed to iron all the paper that I altered yesterday and the day before.. I also cleaned the swimming pool and I'm washing clothes. All in all I have had a very productive day and it's only 7:30P.M.

27 June, 2008

Okay, Here goes. I have no idea what I'm doing really Just sort of learn as you go, learn by mistakes and learn by doing. That is pretty much how I run my life so I suppose it should work here. Since this my first post I'm going to try to upload the photos of some of my artwork. I started putting together some wonderful scrapbook pages about two months ago. I discovered the website "Splitcoast Stampers" and one thing lead to another and then another and on and on. I ended up discovering an artist named Irene or" Scrapperlicious" and she has been my idol and inspiration ever sense. I have discovered other artists that are also wonderful and I will add them to my list of favorites when I learn how.
Here are some photos of my work. I am having so much fun!