08 December, 2008

I have so much to post.

These are the 12 Days of Christmas Cards that I have been working on for the challenge over at Paper craft Planet. I am so enjoying this site and I hope all of you go over there and check it out. I have just 2 cards left to do so I will come back tomarrow and show you todays and tomarrows. So far I am extremely happy with all of these, I like the first day with the acrylic see through front and I like Yesterdays Leaping Buddy. The 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me ten lords a leaping. Well, for the challenge you just had to use a boy in a project. Up to this point I have been trying and succeding in putting all the things in the card but for these last 3, I don't see how that will happen. I'm using 5"X7" cards now and there just isn't enough room. Buddy the Monster stamp leaping was a hard thing to portray due to the fact that he has stumpy little legs and no arms. One of my other favs are the 8 Ladies Milking. I used Miss Piggy Monster stamp and reduced the image so I could fit them all in and I enlarged the cow. I also have to point out the 3 French Maid Hens. The sample card they showed that day was by Diana and she had stamped 3 chickens with red and white stripe shirts, a berret, holding a loaf of french bread and a glass of wine. Her husband pointed out that male chickens were roosters not hens but she didn't care she just turned them into Men Hens. So someone said Top This and of course I couldn't resist. I decided that the French Maid Hens would go well with her men hens. It is so cute. Go to Paper Craft Planet and look into the gallery for day 3. I also won the drawing for that day. A really cool Holiday Stamp Set. Can't wait. I'm off to make Pipers Pipeing.

I found inchies. Oh No! Something else to explore. This is an inchie stanp by Inkadinkado.

That ribbon is made with some pull ribbon I found at this really cool store called Wrapped All Up. It is local and I can't believe I didn't find out about it sooner.

I love my Big Shot. These rings are cut with a Cuttlebug circle die.

I decided that the birds needed the tin cans for calling. Cell phones are too small.

3 French Maid Hens with 3 feather dusters, a cap and apron and heels and black stockings.

2 turtles dreaming of flying like the doves in the sky.

This is the inside of the 1st day card. I love these cards that use the clear acrylic. I have to get some more.

Those are blue rhinestones on the flowers and the trim around the edge is Prima decorated tape. Love that stuff.

I have been so busy and I will try to keep up with this better. You all have a good week.

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