07 November, 2008

Busy Lately

I'm just going to talk about this group of photos right this minute because all of a sudden I can't keep my eyes open.The first one in this group is for the black & white Challenge. I used rhinestones for that little extra punch and I used puff paints on the fur to add some dimension. Oh Happy Day is for the Stamping challenge. Emphisis on stamped image which these two characteres makes easy. They are from Queen Kat Designs. The two photos that come mext are an ATC case and the back of anATC with my business card affixed to the back. and the one after that is of an ATC with Lauren Baca, on it. I love these. The last photo in this series is my card for the Monochromatic Challenge. I used a lot of Red on this. SU Real Red, Rose Red, and our desiner papers in the reds. I made some red paper flowers and added some rhinestones and embossed the background paper on the top half of the card. I have been making a lot of square cards lately.

My space looks like this a lot. It has a tendency to get like this every day and then I have to clean it all up so I can start all over again.

I hope you have a good weekend, I hope we get a baby this weekend.

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Théalie said...

Bravo for your work! I use a translator to write this virtual commentaire.Je thank you for your visit on my blog, it's very nice of you.
Hoping to return admire your achievements, soon.