01 July, 2008

New photos

I have so many things in my head that I want to do. So much art to create, so little time. I decided that I would do this first because I want to have intresting things for people to look at if they come to visit my blog. I still have to figure out how to do different things on this site, like add music and a slide show but that will come in time. Okay, for today though I want to add this. My sister-in-law was confused about the magazine pretty thing, so I took a couple more pictures in hopes of clearing this up. You slip the elastic between the middle pages and the decorated part goes along the outside spine and you have all these little cords that you use to tag pages rather than dog earing the pages or using post it notes. It's just a pretty little thing but I have decided we all should surround ourselves with as many pretty little thingsas we can. Like the decorations that can be used on a lamp shade, in your hair or as a bookmark or whatever else you can think to use them for. Next on my list is a couple of works in progress. The first one is a @20"X24" frame that Mona gave me. I added canvas to the back and the whole thing becomes a piece of art, frame included. The next piece has a very long way to go but this is a start. It is a 3.5'X4' canvas, mixed media. I was sorting through my photographs and decided to incorperate some of the animal photos that were extra from my Flower and Animal A-Z Book into this large canvas along with a lot of texture, my favorite colors and papers for the moment, beads, ribbons, fibers, sticks, flowers, pretty much anything that looks good. I'm so excited about this piece. I get really excited about everything I'm working on these days though. Next are some samples of some of the papers I made the other day when Barbara came to play. She made the first piece and the rest she consulted on. The next photos are of scrapbook pages (3 of them 12"X12") and the rest are of the picture frames I've been working on. They are !0"X10". Well Let us try adding these photos and then I'll take a break for awhile. I still want to get a list of dates and times for Technique Tuesdays and Scrappin,Stampin Saturday and Sundays.

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