25 July, 2008

Oregon Fun and Some New Stuff

I'm in oregon! (Okay I was in Oregon last week but i'm home now.)I love it up here. I wish it wasn't so far away. I don't want to think about the drive here or having to go back home now though. I just want to enjoy this now. This is what I get to see first thing in the morning from the guest room window. Below are some shots from the back balcony first thing in the morning. Look at how green everything still is here. The garden looks great as always.

On the way to town.

Work in progress. It is a wall hanging about 18"X18" made of layered cheese cloth, fibers, tissue paper and paint. I then started adding other embelishments, like my pipe cleaner pretty thing. I worked on stringing some buttons last night and adding some more paper. This is just getting started so I'll keep you posted on its progress over the next few days. I need to get some of these in progress pieces finished up so I can start more projects. I only have a gazillion ideas rattling around in my brain.

These three bowls are just started. They are made by layering fibers, cheesecloth, muslin, tulle, paper, beads. I have also added some strung beads and I have some feathers and findings to add to these. I think these will turn out really neat. Martha is the one that suggested using cereal bowls for the base. Cover with seran wrap and go to it using mod podge for the binding agency. She also had a great idea for Christmas ornaments. I need to just give up sleeping all together.

This is a cover I made for my Technique Class binder.

One morning I set out to make a tryptic and some painted paper. I was using some tubes of Martha's acrylics and I was really happy with the blues & greens I got from mixing Pthalo Blue and Cad Yellow Med.. I was so pleased with the paper plate I was using for a pallette that I decided to make another tryptic out of paper plates. You will see more of these used as time goes by. I think I'll start looking for decorated paper plates and see where that takes me. I picked up some embrodiery hoops at the Goodwill in K-Falls and I plan on stretching paper as well as muslin and other fibers to use as a foundation for something.

I bought a scrapbook on my way to Oregon. I picked it up at the Michaels in Redding. It was on sale for $8.00 I think. I liked it because of the linen cover and the format. I decided I needed a Paper Journal. I have so many papers, hand decorated as well as purchased so I plan to use this to showcase some of my favorites. The first page below I did after I bought the paper and stamps at a wonderful shop in Klamath Falls.

I had started this piece before I went to Oregon but I didn't take it with me so the other day I decided I needed to get some more work done on it. I like all of the circles and the buttons and beads.

These two are of the 3.5'X4' canvas that is in progress.

These are some of the painted papers I've done this week and while I was in Oregon.

I really like the Pinks this time although I just keep comeing back to these blues and greens. I have an experiment that I want to try today. I am going to pick out one paper combo and then make a 6X6", an 8.5X11" (for my paper journal) , a 12"X12" and a 10X10"(for a picture frame) It should be interesting. I'll do in progress photos and let you know what my insperation was in the next few days. I hope you all have a good week. Remember, Stamping anytime at my house all weekend.

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