29 September, 2008

Time For An Update

I spent the weekwnd of Sept. 19,20&21 doing a Sketch-A-Pa-Looza at the Serindipity Scrapbooks Forum. This was the first time I have ever participated in one of these and I have to tell you it. was a blast. I needed to get to work on Conrad and Johanna and Kylie's baby book so I used all the sketch challenges to make page layouts for the baby book. It was a great way to create a very unique and special babybook. I had a different inspiration for each page while using the same papers and elements for all. I think it turned out really well. Now I guess I will have to think about making a book for Ramona and Sam to put photos in. I did hear you Mona. I just remembered that I had wanted to put together a bunch of photos from the shower to add to this post but I forgot. Oh well, Here Is The Book.

I love this layout. It was one of the last ones I got to and I didn't finish it in time to turn it in but the layout was done by Tamara (from Sketches by Tamara) and the challenge was called the chalkboard technique and I can't remember the design team member right at the moment. Well the technique was really interesting and I will have to make some samples to show my class but it did not end up on this page. Anyway the LO was to be done in B&W with one color accent. These images were in color but I took them into photoshop and changed them to B&W and printed them on vellum, added just a hint of color to cheeks and lips and one little element on each hat and layered each image on a different pattern of B&W paper. Don't you know this has got my little brain running all amuck. More time, more time, I just need more time. Coffee, coffee, coffee! My cardioligist would kill me.

This is what my desk area looked like after the Sketch-a-pa-looza. It took me a few days to clean it up, but the way I work you proably would never know. I think the only way anyone could tell if I had cleaned my space was if the floor was swept. Now that constitutes clean in my world.

One of the last challenges that I tried late Sunday night was one that you had to make your own sketch. I had been thinking of how I could do this to make it different so I decided to just throw the elements in the air and let them fall where they may and force myself to go with it. So I took all the pieces and dropped them. Circles roll, squares jump, and lighter pieces of paper flutter away. It took about a dozen trys to get a random layout. Ha! It's the thought that counts right? Anyway I kept going and this is what happened. Not very successful I'm afraid, too many elements. I still like the idea I just need to revise my technique. Needless to say it was very late Sun. night and I didn't finish the project in time to turn it in.

I have lots to do today and it's already 4:22a.m. You all have a great week.

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