06 December, 2012

A Little Late

This has been a very busy day and it was filled doing some things for myself that I usually don't take time to do. Like have lunch with friends. Stopping by the 99cent store just to see if there was something I might need. Found some great snowflakes. Taking a nap and then catching up on Design work and finally at leas getting photos edited from my fun trip to the Tree Store with my sister yesterday.
So here is the page in the Christmas for Day 5.  This is on the backside of the acrylic piece for day4 (obviously) I love acrylic pages.
 The ribbon wraps around and is held close with the cool paper clip
 Then the little book opens up....
 and then opens again...
 And again and again. Like an exploding box. Tons of room for tons of photos that I need to sit down and add.
 Like this...
 I did get a lot of them edited and printed now I'm going to sit here , watch The Big Bang Theory and try to add them to the book.
That's Ali Darling amongst the forest of fake trees. Boy I was amazed at how real these things look these days. The one I would like to have is only $600.00  In my dreams!
 There were trees just dripping with ornaments.
 And every color you could think of . So Much Fun
We had a great time.
So here is Day 5 of the Advent Calendar
 I think you can see it better in this view. It would be so much fun to have these filled with little gifts for my granddaughters. I'll have to give them each one next year.
I hope you all have a good evening.

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