04 December, 2012

Day 3 Of Holiday Book

Well yesterday in my post I mentioned that I was going to finish Decorating the tree or die trying. Well I did not do either. I did try really hard but alas I fizzled out after lunch. But one big Rubbermaid box of Special Ornaments are on the tree and when I too photos I shot the side that looked most finished.
I'll keep working on it. So anyway the page for Day 3 looks like this.....
I'm really not finished with it but after tomorrow and my trip to another Christmas Tree Farm I will add the rest of the photos.
 So I made this little accordion book.
 There is so much room in these things.
 And then I added these little tickets for journaling on the front and the back.
 So here is the quick story. We used to go out and cut our Christmas Tree down every year when the kids were growing up. And it was so much fun. Picking out the perfect one, cutting it down and dragging it back to the car. Then putting it in the stand and getting our arms all itchy putting on the Lights. And all the while sipping on some eggnog with a lot of whiskey added. My favorite part.
Then one year we decided on a fake tree. I guess our first year here in our current house. That's 11 years now. Anyway Ali and I were talking last year about how we missed all that but now we have Christmas Tree Farms for the 21 Century. No fuss,no muss, no itchy arms. So we set out on an adventure to our new Hobby Lobby. It was a lot of fun. And tomorrow we have two other Stores that we are going to check out.
 That's my little sister Alison and I.

Stop by Friday to see more photos of pretty Christmas trees.
Now for today's Advent Calendar; It was hard to get the light right this morning. I think it is because the paper on the cup is so light.
 Here is a better shot.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

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